Thursday, 16 October 2014

The Pros and Cons of Friends with Benefits

Call it friends with benefits, a booty call, whatever you like. The fact is that when two friends hook up just for the sake of having sex, they must both have the understanding of that's all the relationship is: sex. Anything else can mar or muddy the advantages of being friends with benefits. If you've got a friend in mind that you wouldn't mind getting tangled up in the sheets with, consider the pros and cons of being FWB (friends with benefits) before you give it a go.

Benefits of FWB

Casual sex and usually whenever you want it. Your friends with benefits partner will usually be more than happy to accommodate you since they get sex out of it as well. The idea of a sexual relationship without the emotional attachment or drama is one of the main attractions to friends with benefits relationship. Neither party is required to commit anymore than their bodies. This makes the hook up even more favorable to anyone not looking for a commitment or has recently left a relationship but doesn't look forward to a dry spell. Lastly, when you think about your friends, there is already a level of comfort established. The pressure to impress in bed is off-though participation is always appreciated!


While you might not be dating your friend or anyone else for that matter, it may not stop him or her from feeling that the sexual relationship is something more. We are, after all human and humans are wrought with emotions that many times, we can't control. So while you might be having fun in the sack, they might be wishing there was more intimacy in the act. The truth is that FWB can destroy what was once a perfectly good friendship. Unlike other relationships friends with benefits aren't easily discussed among friends. Discretion is usually best so while you can talk about the amazing things your sexual partner did to you last night, if you run in the same circle of friends, it might be better not to name drop otherwise it cause awkward moments among the group when everyone is together and that can be another drawback

Lastly, when it comes to dating, if your next squeeze learns that you've carried on in bed with your best guy pal, he may not feel comfortable with the two of you being together. Jealousy can happen even after the FWB relationship is over. Friends with benefits have gained popularity in the dating scene as more people are looking for fun and not the lasting commitment a real relationship can bring. If it's something you're open to, make sure clear rules are set so no one ends up with less or more than they bargained for.