Friday, 4 November 2016

Being Single Is Not A Disease – Some People Prefer Being Alone Than Dealing With Drama

its been a while!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i will be talking about the singles today *smiles*

 The reaction of most men when they meet an attractive single woman is, “What’s wrong with you?” But my question is, why does something have to be wrong? Why is it so unbelievable that an attractive woman would choose not to be in a relation­ship? Maybe the reason she’s single is because there isn’t anything wrong with her. People can be very toxic, and they bring a lot of baggage from previous partners. The fact that a person who has many options is not in a relationship speaks to his or her high self-esteem, not their lack of it. It’s easy to just jump into a situation with someone and start calling him or her your man or woman. But it takes discipline and knowing your self-worth that makes it easy to wait for someone who values you and uplifts you.

Most people have never taken themselves out on a dinner and movie date, and enjoyed doing it! And that’s a shame. What you do demonstrates the love you have for your own company and for yourself. That attitude is precisely what attracts healthy people into your universe.
Besides, being in a relationship or marriage is not an indicator that a person is emotionally healthy or even happy. I hear more complaints from so-called happily married people than single people. That’s not an attack on marriage; I’m just stating my experience. It’s surprising that a woman would even have to defend being single, especially to other women, but women are often the ones applying the most pressure.

i will be updating regularly from now on .....  Dont forget to take yourself out on a date and get to know YOU.

bye for now.